Adult Time Launches ‘Free Use Industries’ With Three Pilots

Adult Time Launches 'Free Use Industries' With Three Pilots

MONTREAL—The latest new concept to come to Adult Time’s Pilots channel is the series Free Use Industries, which explores the increasingly popular “free use” genre from the perspective of three different sexual predilections.

The series revolves around a discreet company—Free Use Industries—that offers clients “free use” sexual access to the fantasy person of their choosing, allowing the client to do as they please with their selected provider whenever and wherever they like, even in public. Joanna Angel directed the three pilot episodes, and appears in a non-sex role in each as the CEO of Free Use Industries.

The first episode, “Executive Decisions,” stars Keira Croft and Seth Gamble in a tale about a mid-level employee who avails the services of Free Use Industries to have his way with his boss. Juanito Blanco, Biish Bullard and Sheryl Ho also star in non-sex roles.

In “Time of Need,” Bella Rolland comes to Free Use Industries to inquire about whether it accommodates lesbians. The company connects her with Kira Noir to take care of her every whim. Keira Croft, Sheryl Ho, Jessie Lee and Biish Bullard also star in non-sex roles.
Finally, in “Expose-Her Therapy,” therapist Jade Venus decides to expand her professional horizons by joining Free Use Industries as a representative, adding a trans option to the company’s roster. When Charlotte Sins comes in for a visit without an appointment, she becomes Jade’s first client. Sheryl Ho and Keira Croft appear in non-sex cameos.
“We have seen a lot of our fans requesting more content featuring the highly trending concept of ‘free use’ and decided to test it out and see if there’s a genuine interest among our members,” Adult Time director of marketing Frank Stacy said. “The quirkiness of the concept, along with her proven track record of bringing to life ludicrous ideas in creative ways, made this the perfect pilot project for Joanna Angel to work on with us.”
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Pictured: Joanna Angel, Jade Venus