Adult Time’s ‘Oopsie!’ Debuts New Scene ‘The Wait Staff’

MONTREAL—Today, Adult Time has released “The Wait Staff,” the newest scene from Oopsie! series.

“The Wait Staff” marks Leana Lovings and Zariah Aura’s Oopsie! debuts, and Korra Del Rio’s official return to the series since 2022’s “Ski Mask Bandit.

Oopsie! was a completely amazing experience. Working alongside Korra Del Río and Leana Lovings was so fun! I can’t wait for everyone to see it,” said Aura. “We shot this all during a huge flood, but you won’t be able to tell. Working with Stella [Smut, the episode’s director] was such a breath of fresh air. I’m excited to work with her and Bree more in the future. Everyone was so professional and on point.”
The Adult Time original series highlights the sexual side of awkward moments, compromising positions and outrageous scenarios. The scene casts Del Rio, Lovings and Aura as servers prepping place settings and polishing wine glasses before a big dinner party begins.
Despite warnings from their no-nonsense boss (Adult Time chief creative officer Bree Mills, in a cameo role) and Aura, Del Rio and Lovings just want to have fun—shirking their duties to steal private moments alone. Aura finally catches the pair in the act, but it doesn’t take much for Lovings to persuade Aura to take a sneaky break for herself as well.
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