‘ASN Underground With Sam Mack’ Makes YouTube Debut

LOS ANGELES—“ASN Underground With Sam Mack” has made its debut on YouTube. The show integrates the adult luxury lifestyle with storytelling, celebrities, music, comedy and more.

The show is the brainchild of Sam Mack, a host/MC and comedian who has headlined numerous events across North America for over a decade. Mack’s passion for entertaining and her desire to share lesser-known subcultures led her to create “ASN Underground With Sam Mack,” which supplements ASN Lifestyle Magazine created by Michael Ramos.

The show will feature Mack and an array of guests in addition to segments specific to the show’s sponsors, such as Dr. Stephanie’s intimacy/relationship segment, as well as live music, local events, comedians and more.

According to press materials, “‘ASN Underground With Sam Mack’ is not just a casual talk show, it’s about creativity, inspiration, and the power of the human spirit. Adult life comes with many challenges and responsibilities. Mack and her team hope to inspire viewers to tap into their imaginations and explore the adult lifestyle’s luxuries. From exotic vacations to custom motorcycles, new products and inventions, to behind-the-scenes exclusives with your favorite celebrities, this new late-night talk show has some of everything to tickle your fancy.”

The show will air on ASN Media, a network dedicated to showcasing independent creators and their work. “ASN Underground With Sam Mack” debuted on YouTube last night and will air every Monday at 8:00 p.m. PT/11:00 p.m. ET.

“We’re thrilled to bring ‘ASN Underground With Sam Mack’ to audiences,” said Mack. “We hope to inspire and entertain viewers as we dive into fascinating hidden realms where nothing is off limits.”

For more information about “ASN Underground With Sam Mack,” visit the show’s website at asnundergroundshow.com.