Brittany Andrews Gives ‘Introduction to Anal’ in Bang Bros Scene

Brittany Andrews Gives 'Introduction to Anal' in Bang Bros Scene

LAS VEGAS—Brittany Andrews plays a stepmom who wants to educate her stepson in “Introduction to Anal,” a new Bang Bros scene now available.

In the scene, Andrews is in the kitchen, and keeps calling her stepson (Diego Perez), but gets no response, even when she threatens him with no ride to school. Finally, she heads to his room only to find him masturbating to anal porn on his phone. She quizzes him if he likes anal, and he tries to play it cool like he’s the anal master. But she can tell he’s lying and that he’s never had anal sex with a girl, so she decides to give him a hands-on intro to anal.

“Poor Diego was so misguided, so I had to teach him a few life lessons as his stepmom. And now, after our anal adventure, he really is the anal master,” Andrews joked. “My work is definitely done here.”

To watch the trailer and exclusive scene, click here.

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