Dorian Del Isla Debuts New Series ‘American Rendez-Vous’

LOS ANGELES—French performer/director Dorian Del Isla has announced the launch of his new series, American Rendez-Vous. In the series, Del Isla enjoys sexual encounters with women across the United States.

“We chose to emphasize the American working-class setting and background. No luxury cars nor pearl necklace bourgeoises,” Del Isla said. “Likewise, American Rendez-Vous’ performances stress passion and sincerity—as close as possible to real, yet hardcore sex. I don’t really believe in directing the models during those moments. I like my partners to follow their drives. My only guiding line is, ‘We are going to fuck in front of the camera. Don’t overthink. Focus only on your own pleasure.'”

The series leans into the trope of the “French lover,” one that Del Isla fashions himself to embody both on and off the screen.

“The French lover is still a sure bet, here. Girls love the sexual dimension of this character,” he offered. “They give in to their urges when you are French. I am married to Cassie [Del Isla, also a performer], so the girls I hook up with in my everyday life know precisely what to expect. And they want exactly that—to shag a Frenchie.”

For the seven-year industry veteran, the series is also a means to share his own experience of the American dream with his worldwide audience.

“In my opinion, discovering a culture is also discovering its women and the sex with them,” he explained. “When I settled here, I did it for my career but also to enjoy this place. Libertine parties, dating and hooking up, those aspects are integral parts of my life in the United States. So, American Rendez-Vous is kind of a private journal staged through the lens of fiction. We would eventually go around in circles if the series only relied on my personal experience. My relationship with women—the way I have sex—all that is real, and I have a lot of good stories to share. Yet, with my French distributor, Jacquie & Michel, we think it’s important to leave some space for fantasy, to explore completely unexpected sexual situations, or even do pastiches. American Rendez-Vous’ essence resides in a cinematic approach of real intense sex adventures. It is the French culture in the U.S.A.—not some theatrical porn—but true sex, with deep intense orgasms. I’m here to represent!”

To view the first two episodes of American Rendez-Vous, click here.