Emily Willis Leads Ensemble Cast in Dorcel’s ‘Revenge’

PARIS/LOS ANGELES  Emily Willis, the 2021 AVN Female Performer of the Year, headlines a star-studded cast for Herve Bodilis’ feature Revenge, a big-budget Dorcel production that is now available on DVD in the U.S. exclusively through Pulse Distribution.
Running 2 hours, 20 minutes, Revenge is the story of Emily, a successful, high-stakes hustler who shakes down influential men for money or information that can be sold to the highest bidder. When her latest job is ambushed by a previous victim, Emily is given an ultimatum—to make things right, she must perform a dangerous mission that will take her deep into a world of dark money, data theft, Russian billionaires, and cryptocurrency. She’s told that any failure to comply or complete her task will result in “unfortunate events” befalling her family—specifically, her younger sister, played by newcomer Candie Luciani.
As she formulates a way to hijack millions in crypto from a Russian playboy (longtime Bodilis collaborator Marcello Bravo), Emily reforms her old team of professional masteminds—Cherry Kiss, Clara Mia, Cléa Gaultier, Anissa Kate, and Carollina Cherry. At first reluctant to work together again, even for one last lucrative score, they eventually set aside their differences for the sole purpose of saving Candie…

The movie opens with a seductive triad featuring Emily, Cherry, and Kristof Cale and concludes with Emily’s band of beauties taking on lucky Marcello Bravo in classic Dorcel style.

Revenge is arriving to our shores on a wave of high anticipation, given how well it has been performing oveseas,” said Daniel Metcalf, Dorcel’s U.S. publicist. “Herve Bodilis is never one to shy away from provocation — he’s more likely to sprint towards it — and he has once again raised the bar for himself. He’s set the story of a woman’s psychological and sexual awakening against a complex, globe-trotting storyline that looks back to Tarantino and Soderbergh while looking ahead to things like blockchain and virtual currency, all while delivering seven sex scenes and a career-best acting performance from Emily Willis.”

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