FSC Meeting With Congress On Banking Discrimination

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Free Speech Coalition is meeting with members of Congress this week in an effort to combat the constant financial discrimination faced by adult businesses. The team is holding over a dozen in-person meetings with House and Senate offices, and hosted a Congressional reception in the House for lawmakers and staffers on Thursday evening, sponsored by Segpay.

“When we speak as an organization and an industry, legislators listen,” says Executive Director Alison Boden. “They understand that we are legal, legitimate businesses and deserve the same rights as other industries. Most have no idea that this is happening, and many have already committed to helping us find a way to stop discriminatory banking practices. This is a big week for our industry. I thank our teams at FSVector and Clarity Consulting for helping make this happen, as well as Segpay for making the Congressional reception possible.”

FSC first met with legislators in December to lobby for banking fairness, and have continued conversations with Senate and House offices in the months since. In March, FSC released a report entitled, Financial Discrimination and the Adult Industry, which revealed, for the first time, the extent to which banking account closures, payment problems, and loan and insurance denials affect those working in the adult industry.

FSC’s Executive Director Alison Boden, Director of Public Affairs Mike Stabile and Board Treasurer Cathy Beardsley (Segpay) will be joined by FSC members Allie Eve Knox (Spankchain), Alana Evans (APAG), Sinnamon Love (BIPOC Collective), Zoe Ligon (Spectrum Boutique), Jessica Goedtel (Pavilion Financial Planning), Fivestar (Filthy Communications), and Jessica Van Mier (MintStars, Harvard Kennedy School).

“Financial discrimination is the biggest issue faced by many adult businesses,” says Segpay CEO Cathy Beardsley. “As a payment processor, we see the lengths that businesses have to go through to secure even basic banking stability, and we understand the cost that high-risk fees have on our livelihoods. I’m proud to be representing both Segpay and FSC at this historic event.”

FSC’s work in the Capitol and elsewhere is made possible by the support of its dues-paying members. Those who are not yet members are asked to join the fight at FreeSpeechCoalition.com