New Seth Gamble Cinemacore Effort ‘Goddess’ Debuts

New Seth Gamble Cinemacore Effort 'Goddess' Debuts

LOS ANGELES—Reigning AVN Male Performer of the Year and Best Leading Actor Seth Gamble explores mythological themes with his latest cinemacore offering Goddess, which begins rolling out today on with an inaugural scene that finds the hailed director/performer succumbing to the dual seductive wiles of 2022 AVN Best Leading Actress Kenna James and 2019 AVN Best New Starlet Ivy Wolfe.

Titled “Episode 1: Aphrodite Goddess of Love and Lust, Athena Goddess of Warfare and Wisdom,” this opening scene will be followed in the coming weeks by ones featuring 2023 Doppio Senso Best International Female Performer Kenzie Taylor, Scarlit Scandal and Nicole Doshi.

“Whether I’m creating a cinemacore piece or writing a fully scripted series like Deranged or Privilege or the upcoming Reckless, the inspiration all comes from the same place—an emotion,” Gamble revealed. “Condensing the concept of a story into a single sentence is less important to me than pinpointing the emotion I want the audience to feel. Once I have that, the premise can come together organically, with a high level of originality.”

Regarding Episode 1, Gamble continued, “The Greek myths offer a very relatable vision of sexuality. Many of the characters are polyamorous, taking on many lovers, and though the hierarchy can be patriarchal, many females are seen pursuing lovers. With this in mind, I knew I had to cast Kenna James and Ivy Wolfe. In fact, the concept of Goddess came together while we were shooting stills of Kenna and Ivy for Reckless.”

Of Wolfe, Gamble enthused, “Ivy delivered on every level. She and I worked together before on Money but the passion we have with one another here is truly next level. She has that ‘It’ factor and it totally comes across on camera. It’s a scene with a lot of intimacy and a lot of passion. She has an infectious personality in addition to being a true beauty and an absolutely amazing performer.”

Regarding James, he added, “The chemistry with Kenna is always incredible and I have to say this particular scene was literally explosive—all the elements were as close to perfect as you can get. She has the attitude, the persona, and the physical skills to deliver a classy, high-end scene with the same unbridled passion you’d see in any hardcore gonzo film.”

“It was an absolute pleasure working for Seth,” offered Wolfe. “As a director he is diligent, attentive, humorous, and has a piercing vision that ignites everyone around him. And as a male talent, as you know, he’s one of the best. A star behind and in front of the camera. Not to mention he paired me with Kenna. Can you say bombshell? A grade-A actress that knows how to pull the steamiest energy out of everyone she touches. It was a super pleasure being a part of this.”

“It was such an amazing experience working with Seth for Goddess because that’s exactly how he made us feel,” added James. “He has always been one of my favorite people in this industry and working with him never disappoints! I’m also so thrilled that he is moving more behind the camera as well. He has the drive, passion and vision that it takes to be one of the greats and I’m honored he has chosen me to express those stories! Add in the incredible Ivy Wolfe, who is a spicy firecracker, and we burned this scene to the ground without even trying! This is an absolute must-see!”

The debut episode of Goddess premieres today exclusively on