Nicole Kitt Named May Twistys Treat of the Month

A version of this features appears in the May issue of AVN magazine. Click here for the digital edition.

LOS ANGELES—Nicole Kitt tells AVN being crowned the Twistys Treat of the Month for May is special.

The gorgeous performer who grew up in Oklahoma City and made her adult industry debut in fall of 2020 says it took a while for it to sink in.

“It is an amazing title and there’s a weight that comes with that title as well,” Kitt says. “This is not something I take lightly. It raises your personal expectations and then it also raises others people’s expectations for you. It’s a whole new level of respect.

“There are no words to describe how much of an honor this is.”

The 2023 finalist for the AVN Best New Starlet award joins an all-star group of accomplished women who have been named the Twistys Treat—an iconic title that was first established in August 2005.

“Nicole embodies everything we look for in a Treat of the Month,” says a Twistys rep. “She’s the total package. We are thrilled to heat things up in May with Nicole’s sexy and seductive energy.”

To commemorate the achievement, Kitt worked closely with director and stylist Lea Lexis and seasoned photographer JT on her exclusive Treat of the Month photoshoot.

With the setting of a luxurious pool deck enclosed by pristine white walls, Kitt channeled “islander vibes, like a native girl next door.”

She is featured in two glam looks—a bright yellow bikini with a fishnet wrap and a revealing light green bathing suit with matching heels and native-inspired accessories.

“The photos were absolutely beautiful,” Nicole says. “I feel like out of all the shoots I’ve done, aesthetically, this is the best. The way they put this together made me feel like an actual goddess.

“Lea definitely led the charge on that. … She has a vision.”

Kitt had recently collaborated with Lexis & the crew on a Brazzers set in early March, when she was paired with Ivy Wolfe.

“That day Lea presented me with this little packet and card and asked me to be the Twistys Treat for May,” Kitt recalls. “That was my first time working with her and that shoot was amazing, too. Editorial style, very spicy.”

JT, an industry veteran with more than 20 years of experience, tells AVN that everything aligned for the photoshoot.

“Credit to Lea for just being a brilliant producer,” JT says. “She found the location and as soon as I saw it we both instantly had the same kind of thought, the same vision.”

JT says the house appeared to be deliberately designed to resemble a property in an exotic location such as the Greek island of Mykonos and that shooting there is “something I’ve always wanted to do.”

“As a big fashion photography buff, my goal was to capture that look and make it look like Nicole was somewhere in Greece,” JT continues. “Hopefully, that translated.

“Nicole is incredible. She just has this elegance to her that’s really great to work with.”

He says he’s known Lea for more than a decade.

“She’s always been an amazing performer, an incredible producer, set designer, stylist, seamstress… We always just kind of look at her and are like, ‘Where does this come from?’ And she is the sweetest person,” JT says. “This is the first job I think I’ve had in the industry where I want to be there early and I leave well after we’ve wrapped. Other times you just want to finish your job and go back home. I actually enjoy being there. It’s a very family environment she’s built.”

Kitt likened the Twistys Treat honor to the Miss America pageant.

“And there are only 12 [Twistys Treats] in a year,” she says. “Imagine that level of competition, imagine being able to achieve that out of all the women in the adult industry. It leaves you with a feeling of disbelief. It took me a while to actually accept that it’s happening.”

Kitt, who is represented by OC Modeling, was a featured model in the 2023 AVN Awards graphics reel and also presented an award live on stage on January 7 in Las Vegas.

She has performed in more than 60 scenes for numerous leading studios since her industry debut.

“I honestly didn’t really feel the effects of all the work I’ve put in and the opportunities I’ve had until AVN this year,” Kitt says. “That was my first AVN ever. It’s weird… Because you think you’re doing a good job and you think you’re growing and think you’re rising and you’re becoming more recognizable but you don’t really have proof of that.

“But it’s only been two-and-a-half years since I started and I’ve accomplished a lot It’s been a whirlwind.”

She continues, “There’s a rush when you first start and after you get past that rush, things just slow down. And now I’m actually starting to build a brand and take off in a sense.”

A former professional go-go and burlesque dancer who “came out of retirement” to dance at EDC Las Vegas last year, Kitt says she recently took up oil painting “as a way to just kind of burn off my extra energy and channel the stress that comes with being so busy.”

“That’s what dancing used to be for me, a stress reliever,” she says.

Kitt, who was born near a military base in Bad Kreuznach, Germany, and moved to Oklahoma when she was 6, likes the neoclassical era of art.

“I love painting people and realistic faces in a dramatic fashion,” she says, adding she has been inspired by the work of the late Jean-Michel Basquiat.