Pornhub Releases 6-Part PSA Series ‘Pornhub Literacy 101’

NEW YORK—Adult entertainment portal Pornhub today unveils a six-part video series titled Pornhub Literacy 101 designed to shed light on how the site strives to promote wellness and healthy engagement with the content it offers.

The project is a collaboration with Liz Goldwyn, founder of The Sex Ed, a platform dedicated to sex, health and consciousness education. An acclaimed author and director whose credits include the documentary Pretty Things (HBO, 2005) as well as the forthcoming book Sex, Health & Consciousness (Sounds True, 2022), Goldwyn was recruited to helm Pornhub Literacy 101 with the creative aid of Phantom Planet frontman Alex Greenwald creating music for the series, and costume designer Heidi Bivens of HBO’s Euphoria imbuing it with a style referencing Golden Age Hollywood with a contemporary twist.

Intended as “a comprehensive guide for Pornhub’s 100 million+ daily visitors as to how to best and most safely interact with the platform, while underscoring Pornhub’s continued and unparalleled commitment to trust, safety and transparency,” Pornhub Literacy 101 features Pornhub ambassadors Asa Akira, Kira Noir, Natassia Dreams and Pornhub Aria, as well as top stars Emily Willis and Ricky Johnson.

The full six-part series is available today on and Pornhub’s official YouTube channel. Watch the trailer here.

“It’s important to me and to The Sex Ed to open up dialogue around sex, health and consciousness to the widest possible audience, and who better to partner with to do so than Pornhub, whose analytics reveal an audience that rivals those of the top mainstream streaming giants?” Goldwyn said. “As a researcher and educator in the sexual wellness space, I have known for years of Pornhub’s cutting edge technologies and safety practices, which far outweigh those of platforms many of us use on a daily basis. So, it was a no-brainer to collaborate with Pornhub on this series of PSAs.”

She continued, “Society needs to engage critically with pornography, especially as it exists at the nexus of media, entertainment and technology. Pornography is ingrained in all these aspects of our lives and having porn literacy is the first step to having the skills to process and understand our own and collective relationship with adult content. This means talking about the very things we tend to want to avoid, like cybersecurity, the sharing of nonconsensual intimate images and videos, and what performers themselves have to say about working safely in their business.”

Added Bivens, “Liz’s focus on sex, health and consciousness education through her podcast and platform The Sex Ed creates opportunity for all to learn and explore their sexuality in a safe and equitable way. While designing costumes for Euphoria, I was impressed by the show runners’ openness to casting adult film actors in roles which they might not usually be considered for and treating them with respect and dignity. Liz’s work to shift the public consciousness surrounding sex and health promotes safe spaces for people to explore these topics and helps to humanize those involved.”

According to promo materials for the project, “Pornhub Literacy 101 is the first visual representation of Pornhub’s core values: consent, freedom of sexual expression, authenticity, originality and diversity. Pornhub Literacy 101 provides further transparency and education around how users interact with the platform and emphasizes the priority Pornhub places on cybersecurity, trust and online safety, which includes a zero-tolerance policy for the sharing of any non-consensual images. The series also reveals the rigorous, industry-leading safeguards dedicated to keeping Pornhub a safe space for content creators and the community at large.”

Each installment of Pornhub Literacy 101 is 2-4 minutes in length. A company overview of its six episodes follows:

Lesson 1 – What Is Pornhub with Kira Noir

Learn how Pornhub has set the industry standard when it comes to preventing illegal and unwanted content from being uploaded onto its adult video sharing platforms.

Lesson 2 – How Does Pornhub Support Its Community with Asa Akira

Pornhub’s Sexual Wellness Center is a robust platform offering the latest in health advice, sexuality research and resources to healthy and secure approaches to various kinks, unconventional sexual practices and so much more. Viewers will also learn about Pornhub’s philanthropic arms, raising money for a range of global initiatives including sex worker activist communities.

Lesson 3 – How Does Pornhub Support Models with Ricky Johnson

Find out the tools Pornhub models have at their disposal to swiftly eliminate unwanted content and more.

Lesson 4 – How Does Pornhub Keep Its Community Safe with Natassia Dreams

The importance Pornhub places on support, trust and safety are reviewed with tips on how content creators and performers can further enhance their safety on the site.

Lesson 5 – How Does Pornhub Keep Its Platform Safe with Emily Willis

Get to know how seriously Pornhub takes the sharing of non-consensual images and the strong measures it has in place to ensure the safety of its community and protect the platform from unwanted content.

Lesson 6 – What is Pornhub’s Stance on Trust and Safety with Pornhub Aria

Attempts at uploading non-consensual materials are an unfortunate reality that all user-generated platforms encounter. Learn how Pornhub’s safeguards are designed to catch unwanted content before they are ever made live on the site and what sanctions are enforced as part of our zero-tolerance policy.

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