Scarlit Scandal Brings Gamble’s ‘Goddess’ to a Close

LOS ANGELES—Reigning AVN Male Performer of the Year Seth Gamble turns the spotlight on 2021 AVN Best New Starlet Scarlit Scandal as the closing subject of his latest cinemacore effort Goddess. Scandal’s scene, titled “Menhet Goddess of War,” debuted today on

Unlike earlier episodes, this Egyptian-themed segment’s titular figure is based—at least in part—on a historical figure. Menhet was the foreign-born wife of Pharaoh Thutmose III of ancient Egypt’s Eighteenth Dynasty. Given that her name variously translates to “the one who sacrifices” and “the slaughterer,” she became mythologized into a deific figure who led the pharaoh’s troops into battle and cut down their enemies with fiery arrows. In her calmer aspect, she was a personification of the wind.

“The word ‘goddess’ makes us think of beings with perfection, and that’s what people chase after in life,” observed Gamble, who co-stars with Scandal in the scene. “But in mythology, gods are depicted like normal people prone to mistakes and selfish ambitions. The concept in myth is that gods don’t resemble human beings, but it is humans that resemble gods. Although they appear to be beautiful and flawless, they aren’t. They age, they are motivated by greed, they feel sad, and suffer from sorrow, even depression. And if even gods can stumble, humans can too. No one is perfect. Perfection is just an impossible goal we pursue. Goddess was a chance to express these emotions visually.”

When it came to choosing someone to personify Menhet, the performer/director says he knew he wanted Scandal for the role. “She was the only person I considered,” he revealed. “It’s no secret why she won Best New Starlet from AVN. She’s ethereally beautiful, which made her a natural for such a supernaturally-themed project, and she is an intense and passionate performer. She’s extremely motivated, and committed herself 100 percent. Our energy and chemistry together was incredible. Many complex emotions surround the mythology of Menhet, not just bloodshed and warfare, and Scarlit embodied them.”

“Being in Goddess truly made me feel like a goddess,” offered Scandal. “From the amazing crew members to the wardrobe and makeup, everything was just absolutely perfect, and being able to be outside in nature was my absolute favorite part about it. I definitely felt like I was a warrior goddess and it was so dope! I’m very glad I got to be a part of this project along with some other strong, beautiful, talented women.”

The preceding installments of Goddess feature Kenzie Taylor, Nicole Doshi, Ivy Wolfe and Kenna James. See all four episodes now exclusively on