Sweet 19 and Never Been Fucked on Camera Before Facial Abuse

Sweet 19 and Never Been Fucked on Camera Before Facial Abuse

CYBERSPACE — Facial Abuse presents a boy/boy/girl scene featuring a ginger-haired amateur taking on franchise performers Bootleg and Sam Crux, now in digital release at its official site.

Duke Skywalker said, “I’m not usually at one with the porn gods, but when I walked in and saw this beautiful and bubbly 19 year-old who was so eager to give it 100 percent, I knew then we would make magic. She was ready to have her pumpkin spice latte repository filled with phallus.”

Scene co-star Bootleg added, “I’ll tell you, I really have to get out to the Midwest if the girls there are like this one. She has super skills. I would love to work with her again. Hopefully she comes back. Every time we took a break she was telling us how fucking hot this was. It’s the first time this girl ever did something like this. I definitely would recommend this scene as a ‘must spank to’ video!”

The 79-minute Facial Abuse scene, titled “19 and Abused,” is available for streaming and download here, and features a set of 858 high-resolution photos.

Videos are now offered in multiple formats at FacialAbuse.com: MP4, mobile, and 60p HD, with 4K video downloads available soon.

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