Creator Spotlight: Amara Rakhi Gill

LOS ANGELES—Amara Rakhi Gill credits her rise in adult entertainment with helping her become the best version of herself.

“This journey has made me stronger in every form—mentally, emotionally and physically,” Gill says.

The 26-year-old Punjabi Canadian started her adult modeling career after becoming a sensation on TikTok, where many of her followers would always ask if she had an OnlyFans.

A former office administrator at an appliance company, Gill took her time with the decision before easing into her modeling career on the platform.

What truly inspired me is my fans encouraging me to just go for it and believe in myself and it will work all out in the end,” Amara says.

It’s now evident she made the right call.

“I started off with just modeling in lingerie and I gradually became more and more explicit,” Amara says. “I post boy/girl content, threesome content, foot fetish content, lesbian content and I do custom requests.

“Also, my fans can video or audio call me as well. I am now fully explicit. So full nudity and everything.”

She also has become a force on social media—on TikTok alone she gained more than 120,000 followers in one year while amassing more than 20 million views.

Amara also posts regularly on Instagram—and credits those two platforms with fueling her popularity on OnlyFans.

“On TikTok it’s definitely more comedy and funny vibes… Instagram is more beauty and fashion and Twitter is the more sexual, wild me,” Gill explains. “Snapchat is more my day-to-day life, so on all my platforms you get a little piece of me—who I truly am.

“So, it really depends on the viewer and what they want to see from me. Overall, I would describe my presence as positive, funny and the girl next door that you know but really don’t know vibes.”

It’s been a winning a formula for the excitable creator, who was born and raised in Abbotsford, British Columbia, and now resides in Vancouver.

She describes her personality as “a bubbly, fun, laughing, smiling kind of a person.”

“Even through the darkest moments in my life I can bust a joke and laugh and I love that about myself,” Amara tells AVN. “I am truly an optimistic person. I am also a very spiritual being.”

She says her most underrated attribute without question is “my ability to talk to anyone.”

“I can keep a conversation going and get deep with a person quite quickly, which has really helped with my OnlyFans and having that one-on-one connection with my fans and subscribers,” Amara adds.

Gill says through it all she has learned how strong of a person she is and how comfortable I am in my own skin and being just simply myself.”

She points to how difficult social media can be at times as one reason she’s become mentally tough.

“It can get crazy on there sometimes, especially being a South Asian woman doing what I’m doing,” Amara continues. “There’s a lot of negative comments and judgments made towards me by the men in the South Asian community.

“It can affect mental and emotional health quite intensely. So learning to not give a fuck about the opinions of others has been truly mastered by me now.”

She also expresses gratitude for her loyal fans that she lovingly refers to as “the Rakhistanis.”

“They are the reason for who I am today and I am just so grateful to have supportive, loving, caring and diehard fans who want nothing but the best for me,” Amara says.

“They believed in me and acknowledged me breaking barriers for South Asian women. And really paving the way for South Asian females to join OnlyFans.”

Lately, Amara says she’s been drawing inspiration from the superstar performer turned Bollywood actress, Sunny Leone.

“She is also a Punjabi Canadian woman who was an adult model so it’s been inspiring to see her journey to where she is an actress now,” she says. “I hope I can follow a similar path to the film industry one day!”

In the short term, Gill reveals she will be launching her official website in June.

“And I have been working on music for my fans which I’m so excited to share soon as well! What I’m really focusing on next is different business endeavors such as music, beauty and fashion,” she adds.

But she won’t be slowing down doing what she loves as she expands her focus. She loves making TikToks, reading books and art.

“Everything from painting to sketching,” Amara says. “I enjoy making clothes and everything about fashion. I enjoy cooking and of course shopping, lastly.”