Fresh Faces: Angel Gostosa

Before she packed her “set bag” and Ubered to her shoot, Angel Gostosa had to focus on another order of business.

English class.

It happened time and time again last spring, when Gostosa—then an 18-year-old high school senior—would make midweek trips from her native Virginia to Los Angeles to embark on her new career in porn. Determined to earn her diploma, Gostosa monitored each of her classes via Zoom so she wouldn’t fall behind.

“I’d be online at 6 a.m. in LA—and no one in my class back in Virginia knew that I was about to go have sex all day,” chuckles Gostosa, who graduated last May. “It was fun having that little secret.”

One year later, nothing about Gostosa’s adult industry career is hush-hush. The 5-foot-3 Brazilian with jet-black hair and a picturesque posterior is creating a buzz among directors and producers, who are showing increasing interest in one of the industry’s hottest newcomers.

“Angel was a quiet girl when we first signed her up,” says Sandra McCarthy, who represents Gostosa for OC Modeling. “But when she’s on set—as soon as the camera turns on—she lights up. She’s a great girl and an amazing performer.

“I’m excited to watch her grow. We have so many great things planned for her future.”

Mapping out a career in the adult industry would’ve seemed far-fetched for Gostosa just a few short years ago. Entering her senior year, her plan was to go to college and pursue a job in elementary in education.

“I love working with kids,” Gostosa says.

Things changed, however, when the COVID outbreak prompted Gostosa’s high school to switch to online classes for the entire 2020-21 school year. Bored at home and restless with an abundance of free time, Gostosa followed the path of a close friend and launched an OnlyFans account on her 18th birthday. Instead of the modest wage she once made as a barista, Gostosa began earning a considerable income by posting naughty photos along with solo and boy-girl content.

Gostosa began using Twitter to promote her OnlyFans page, and it only took a few months for her to be discovered and contacted about an agent within the adult industry. Gostosa signed a contract, shot a solo scene and felt comfortable enough in front of the camera to transition into boy-girl content.

“I used to get so nervous,” Gostosa says. “I just came across a Snapchat memory from a year ago when I did my first boy-girl, and I was talking about how scared I was. I was afraid people were going to judge me. But now that I’ve done more scenes and seen how the industry actually works, I’m not scared anymore at all.”

For a newcomer, Gostosa is as marketable as they come. She’s freshly 19—her birthday was in February—and boasts a body void of tattoos. Her size 30B breasts are all natural and she makes regular gym visits to make sure her butt stays in tip-top shape for all those attention-grabbing pictures on social media.

Although she was born in America, Gostosa is proud of her heritage. Both of her parents are Brazilian.

“And,” Gostosa says, “I love sex. I think that’ll be obvious to anyone who watches my scenes.”

While many performers enter the industry with loads of experience, Gostosa is discovering new things about her sexuality right before our eyes. She says she’d only had intercourse with three people before porn.

“That hasn’t mattered one bit,” Gostosa says. “The male talent … they just make you feel very comfortable on set. They’re really understanding. The directors position me in a way where the angling looks the best, and I’ve picked up on the best positions to be in.”

Gostosa says she never could’ve fathomed that she’d enjoy things such as having her toes sucked.

“It feels really nice,” she laughs. “I also found out I like harder things, like getting choked and slapped—the kinky stuff. It’s fun, because everyone is so open about what they like. People keep trying new stuff with me to see what I’m into.”

Some of Gostosa’s most memorable shoots to date include a group scene with Lilly Bell, Spencer Bradley and Alex Mack for Naughty America and a tryst with Lily Lou, Oliver Faze and Elias Cash for Sister Swap. She’s also proud of her boy-girl scene with longtime male performer Marcus London for Team Skeet.

As she continues to improve as a performer, Gostosa says she’s trying to remain cognizant of all the little things that impress directors and colleagues. That includes maintaining a strong social media presence, practicing good hygiene—“I brush my teeth four-to-five times a day,” she says—and being on time to set.

“Most days I’m the first one there,” Gostosa says. “Like … the makeup artist will pull up and I’ll be sitting outside, waiting. I’m always excited to go to set.”

Gostosa moved from Virginia to Las Vegas last year. She left her initial agency and signed with OC Modeling in the fall.

“The feedback and support has been all positive,” Gostosa says. “I always ask for constructive criticism from directors, just so I can get better. I love my job and I don’t have any plans to slow down.”