Fresh Faces: Slimthick Vic

LOS ANGELES — The rising star known as Slimthick Vic likes being mobile, whether she’s moving to a different city or exploring a new career.

“I still enjoy moving—usually every few years,” she says. “I’m very willing and it seems like not a big deal for me to pick up and start new, especially if it’s a better opportunity somewhere else.”

Born in Sacramento, the performer has lived in Montana, Colorado, Panama City, Panama, Georgia and most recently Florida before she relocated to LA in January to continue her rapid rise in adult.

“I’m definitely a go-getter,” Vic admits. “If something sparks my interest I’m all for doing it, even if it puts me outside my comfort zone… This was something I was always curious about, especially growing up so sheltered.

“As I got older I felt more secure in who I was and more confident and I decided to give it a go. … I really like it.”

It shows.

Slimthick Vic in her first seven months has made the rounds with several of the top studios and performers in the industry, counting scenes with the likes of AVN Hall of Famers Jules Jordan, Manuel Ferrara, Michael Stefano, Keiran Lee, Francesca Le and Mark Wood and answering the call from blue-chip labels such as BangBros, Brazzers, Reality Kings, Naughty America, Nympho, PervCity, SmutFactor, Slayed, Blacked and Deeper.

There’s been no need for Vic to work her way up to major bookings. The Spiegler Girl already is proving she belongs in the big leagues.

“Before I got into porn I honestly didn’t watch a whole lot,” Vic confesses. “I’ve been told these people are basically famous in the porn world, so I feel very honored to have shot with them, especially after being told how long they’ve been in the industry and all the awards they’ve won.”

Francesca Le knows raw talent when she sees it. Now based in Florida with her longtime partner Mark Wood, the couple have been performing and producing for more than 20 years. Francesca raved about Vic’s energy and attitude after two outings with her.

“She’s so good,” Le tells AVN. “She loves sex and loves what she does.”

Le and Wood’s new site SmutFactor focuses on anal sex, but they made an exception for Vic.

“Francesca is so sweet, I really like her,” Vic tells AVN. “I shot for SmutFactor with both her and Mark and then Francesca and I did content together a couple a weeks later. I really like them and her in particular—she’s super down to earth and just genuine. We had a great time.”

Vic may be new to professional porn, but she isn’t new to the world of adult. She dabbled in nude modeling in 2017 when she had a Patreon account for a short time.

“But I couldn’t really figure out how to make it profitable,” Vic recalls. “That’s when I started stripping and then OnlyFans became a thing.”

She started on OnlyFans sometime in 2019 while she was still dancing, but she wasn’t focused on growing her platform due to spending so many late nights at the club.

“I stripped for like three years mostly in Atlanta,” Vic says. “I liked it but the reason I stopped was because of the pandemic. Also I’m much happier doing what I’m doing now versus stripping because I don’t have to deal with people who are way too drunk and don’t know how to behave. But it was a great experience overall and I’m so glad I did it.”

It was around when Slimthick Vic first began posing nude that she created her memorable stage name.

“That was my handle that I just sort of came up with because my name is Victoria and it just rhymes and I thought it was cute,” she says.

Still, some studios prefer to credit her with a more traditional stage name, so she also is known as Vic Marie, which was how she was billed in her splashy debut for Kayden Kross’s Deeper—opposite AVN Award-winning performer Troy Francisco.

“I loved shooting for Deeper,” Vic says, adding that she loved the drama aspect of the scene titled “Show Goes On.”

“I did go to acting school for a short period of time and I’ve done quite a few plays. It was nice to be back in that kind of environment.”

Vic continues, “I would love to shoot [for Kayden] as many times as I get the opportunity. She pays a lot of attention to detail, but she also wasn’t like overly critical or over-directing.

“For the sex part she pretty much let us do our thing. The whole design of everything was amazing. We shot that back in November… It was a surreal experience. I shot the Blacked scene with Troy and then the Deeper scene only a few days apart.

“Troy’s amazing at what he does and he obviously has had a lot more experience than me. So it’s really helpful when the guy is experienced and sort of leads you. And he’s very passionate, which is helpful in bringing that raw emotion into the sex.”

Super agent Mark Spiegler saw something in Vic at the beginning.

“When she contacted me, she had like I think 200,000 followers on Instagram already and she was doing well on Twitter and doing a little bit on OnlyFans,” Spiegler tells AVN.

“She’s all natural with a booty, really professional, really pretty. Everybody who’s shot her said she was great. So I set her up with some shoots in Florida first, about a month before Thanksgiving.”

Spiegler estimates that Vic worked about 30 times in a 36-day stretch in October-November 2021. She stayed at Spiegler’s home when she would come to town in the early days.

“I told her if you really wanna do well over the long haul you’ve gotta move out here, and within a month or so, she was here,” he adds.

Vic says that Spiegler, who has represented a remarkable seven of the past nine winners of the AVN Female Performer of the Year award, was the only agent she contacted. She became familiar with him from watching the “Holly Randall Unfiltered” podcast on YouTube.

“That’s what kind of sparked my interest in porn and the porn world,” Vic says. “[Holly] talked about Spiegler a few times and I got in my mind that he was going to represent me. And if he didn’t take me I just wasn’t going to do porn.”

Vic remembers her excitement after emailing Spiegler and receiving a reply, asking her to send him some photos. But when she didn’t hear back from him for a couple hours, “I thought for sure it wasn’t gonna happen,” Vic says. “And then he said, ‘When can you get on a call with me?’ And I was like over the moon.”

Vic did her first scene with veteran stud JMac for Reality Kings in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

“I was definitely nervous,” she says. “The crew was probably one of the best you could possibly have for your first time. They were so nice, so relaxed and laid back. And JMac was so nice. He’s really great at what he does, the director as well.

“I remember quite a few people watching the scene, which was like a different experience for me. But in the end you’re kind of just tuning them out anyways. Because you’re just experiencing these intense feelings. It went better than I expected.”

Seven months later, Vic says without question, “I’m having a lot of fun.”

“Actually I’m enjoying it more than I thought I would,” she tells AVN. “I didn’t really have any specific expectations coming into it—I was pretty open. I’m surprised how much I’m enjoying it and I plan on doing it for as long as I can.”

Before adult, Slimthick Vic worked as an esthetician in Boulder, Colo., where she owned her own spa. She calls that time in her life “definitely a great learning experience” even though she came to the realization “that I wasn’t very inspired doing the work I was doing.”

“I did that for three years and I sold that before I moved to Atlanta and started my venture into the sex industry,” Vic says.

She also worked as a chef at Whole Foods and as a personal trainer.

“I made omelettes, made-to-order omelettes and breakfast foods,” Vic says. “It was actually pretty stressful. It made me realize the ins and outs of Whole Foods. It’s just another corporation when it comes down to it. Working there really pushed me… That’s when I went to esthetician school and started my own business.”

Vic admits she’s “pretty good” at cooking.

“My mom taught me and I have been experimenting with cooking for most of my life really,” she reveals. “I am a good cook, but I don’t like cooking anymore.”

When she isn’t performing, Vic likes doing yoga, hiking, working out and going to the beach.

“Lately it’s been more that just I want to move in some way most days,” she explains. “Some days it’s just stretching. Some days it’s hiking, sometimes it’s yoga. I’m not very structured. I used to be very structured, but I’m enjoying having a bit more of a flexible schedule.”

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