Khloe Kapri Headlines New TeamSkeet Showcase ‘Cadet Khloe’

MIAMI—TeamSkeet has announced the release of part one of its newest movie, Cadet Khloe. The movie is a showcase of Khloe Kapri, the brand’s May AllStar.

Released as an episode of Innocent High, “Cadet Khloe Part 1: A Star Student” introduces not-so-model student Kapri and her crew Barbie, Bratty and Kitty. After Kapri receives a disappointing “F” grade on her exam, her friends decide to leave her alone with their teacher, Mr. GI Joey, to see if she can work out a solution. Mr. Joey, unimpressed with Kapri’s recent behavior, proposes a proposition that could alter her grade: She must humble herself and beg on her knees.

Eager to secure that coveted “A,” Kapri wastes no time and unleashes her charm on Mr. Joey. With finesse and determination, she willingly gives him everything he desires.

Part two of “Cadet Khloe” will be released on May 17 exclusively on

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