Living the Dream: Little Caprice on Third Performing Crown

Living the Dream: Little Caprice on Third Performing Crown

This is the February cover story of AVN magazine. Click here for the digital edition.

LOS ANGELES—Little Caprice screamed, laughed and then almost cried.

She experienced a full range of emotions during the 8 o’clock hour on Sunday morning, January 8th, when she found out she won her third AVN Award for International Female Performer of the Year in the past four years.

The Czech superstar watched the live stream of the 40th annual AVN Awards Show as it was happening in Las Vegas from her home in the Czech Republic along with her husband and business partner, Marcello Bravo.

Even after seeing her name appear on the screen as the winner of the top international award for a female performer, she still was in a state of shock. So after the stream ended, she waited for the complete winner’s list to be posted on just to be 100 percent certain that her eyes weren’t deceiving her.

“Because I kept saying to Marcello, ‘Is there a mistake or did I see that wrong?’” Caprice recalls with a laugh. “I just couldn’t believe that at all.”

Later that Sunday, Caprice and Marcello celebrated her victory—along with her third consecutive triumph in the Best International All-Girl Sex Scene category—with a bottle of champagne and a day of wellness.

“I can’t describe with words how much this means for me,” Caprice tells AVN. “I thought after the first win there is nothing more than that for me. And here we go, third time top it! So now I think there is nothing more for me and I’m beyond happy and honored.”

The native of Brno—the second largest city in the Czech Republic and the cultural hub of the South Moravian Region—won her first award as the top International Performer in 2020 before claiming AVN gold for the second time in 2022.

With her third crown last month, Little Caprice ties the all-time record for the most International Female Performer of the Year wins, matching Katsuni and Anissa Kate.

“I’m really proud and happy for her,” Marcello Bravo tells AVN. “I saw how hard she worked the last 10 years we are a couple and also the time before. For me Caprice is one of the last active stars from the past!

“She work 100 percent professional. She give real passion. She is always on point, never came late to set, never talk bad about somebody and everybody who worked with her around the world was surprised how fast they get the results with her they need.

“And her big plus—she looks like a Victoria’s Secret model with a perfect face and body!

“I think there is just one porn star girl in the world who can combine with her, or she with her and this is Tori Black. These two are real porn divas with style!”

Marcello met his future wife in October 2012 at the Venus Berlin Show in Germany, where she was at the expo signing autographs and he attended as part of a male stripper revue that was performing there.

The two enjoyed each other’s company at the expo but left Germany not sure if they’d continue to see each other. However, Marcello visited Caprice several times in Brno and about six months later they moved to Vienna, Austria together.

Little Caprice began raising her international profile through multiple appearances on some of Europe’s top sites, becoming a regular at X-Art, Met-Art, Sex-Art, WowGirls, Marc Dorcel, Femjoy, Joymii and Nubiles. In addition, she appeared in Playboy, Penthouse, Maxim and Hustler, among other publications. In February 2019, she became the first European model to be crowned a Vixen Angel.

“Caprice really worked hard for her success,” Bravo says. “I know in this time of life is much more easy to get famous with the internet or the American production have teams in EU. But Caprice got her name from hard work. She build it over years without TikTok, Instagram and other social media. She performed her name up.

“And one thing more, Caprice never shoot what she don’t like. She is the example of a girl in the industry who can be successful even though she doesn’t shoot crazy stuff for all production or scenes she don’t want! She hold always her line! Maybe that’s why she is now 13 years in the business with both legs on the ground!”

Bravo traveled the world as a professional dancer and acrobat before his porn career. He and Caprice made their debut scene as a couple for, where they performed exclusively for more than four years.

Now they work as a team creating high-end content on their terms for her official site, Together the duo has become a creative force that without question manages one of Europe’s top destinations for passionate adult entertainment.

The pair collaborates on more than 10 different ongoing lines—from the gritty StreetFuck and hardcore ButtMuse lines to the sensational Xpervo and Caprice Divas series.

Caprice says her third time winning AVN is “so much” more gratifying considering she devoted almost all her focus to making product that she owns.

“It just make me sure about my decision to concentrate for my own business and put my whole energy to it,” Caprice says. “I’m very active on my OnlyFans, too, and with Marcello we still have so much new ideas for great content!”

Perhaps just as impressive as her trio of Performer awards is her trio of consecutive  Best International Girl/Girl Sex Scene honors.

She captured her latest trophy for her terrific performance with Agatha Vega in “Wonder Women” for Caprice Divas; that followed last year’s win for “Caprice Divas Luscious” with Lottie Magne; and her first victory in the category—for “Tender Kiss” with Liya Silver in 2021.

“This is even crazier,” Little Caprice says. “This means so much for both of us! It means that our production is worth it. That we still get so much to offer to our customers and that our series Caprice Divas is simply one of the best girl/girl series in Europe. It feels good and motivate us to create better scenes every year!”

The couple launched in 2016 after concluding their contract with X-Art, adding more production value and expanding their range with each passing year.

“One day we sit together and Caprice say to me, ‘What we do now, what we do in the future?’” Bravo recalls. “Of course we had a lot of time because we were young but as we know it’s always better to start a business before.

“So I say to her, ‘Fuck it, let’s make our own production. We worked for the biggest company in that time, X-art! We can do it.’ The good thing was I hold my eyes always open with how they shoot and how they work and so on!

“But we never ever thought that we can get so successful and can build an award production up without big investors. Of course our big plus was we have Little Caprice in the game—a traffic machine. But we never every thought about get nominated or win some awards. What the hell, now we won a lot the last seven years and got multiple nominations. Last year I think we had over 11? That’s just amazing. We are super happy and grateful.”

Caprice lauded Marcello—who directs and edits all the content for LCD—for his commitment to excellence.

“Without him there is no scene,” she says. “Because he is so creative he is such a great director! All the actors feel very comfortable on the set while he is directing and filming the scenes because he knows what he want. And we are also fast in compare to other productions, so the performers likes that there is always the best mood for sex and this you can really see in our scenes.

“I think this is the thing what makes us so different from the others. And I don’t talk about his editing. He has amazing feeling for music, and his artistic vision brings the real fire to the screen.”

When she considers her 2023 plans for, the Caprice Divas series becomes front of mind.

“I love girl/girl scenes and because of the great success I want to keep going with bringing these tender scenes to our members—they love them!” Little Caprice says. “Also, I want to shoot more swingers content, so there are few couples they caught my attention and I want to have them for WeCumToYou.

“And of course, our Xpervo and ButtMuse—the evergreens—we have so many ideas.”

She says they do big shooting blocks once or twice a month with their small but mighty production team, emphasizing “quality over quantity.”

“This is what we wanted,” Caprice continues. “We don’t get crazy and overwork so we can still have our free time and don’t live just for the work. Also for the creativity it is good this way.”

Seven years later, she says she has learned “everything” about what it takes to produce at the elite level.

“Not joking—I didn’t know anything!” Caprice confesses. “We were on the other side of the camera before so we had a bit of know-how but in real life it is different. But we have learned that we don’t need to spend hours and hours on set to overproduce content.

“We know that a good idea and short story in artistic way is often much more effective, costs less time and talents are more happier and motivated to give the best in the actual sex scene. And this is what counts for us!

“Still real passion, we want them to be turned on and enjoy the sex as much as possible. So our motto is as I already said—better, shorter scene but full of fire than long one where you can see that it is exhausting.”

Marcello agrees, noting that his working relationship with Caprice is similar to their private life.

“I never pushed her to do something what she don’t want,” Marcello tells AVN. “All she do, or did, was her choice. I think that’s very important because as we know unfortunately it can be very fast to get crazy in that industry or choose the wrong way!

“We talk about everything before and find a solution. We are both calm, easy people. Maybe I’m a bit Capricorn sometimes but Caprice bring me fast down.

“And in our production we split the work. Anyway we are just two so both work hard and in the end we have amazing results.

“What makes us very happy is all models who worked for us was very happy on the end because we work fast, professional and have great results in short time.”

He says their typical scenes—from makeup, set building, stills and sex—take between three to four hours to shoot and never cost more than 2500 Euros per scene.

“I know productions that spend per scene 20,000 Euros and work two days for one scene,” says Bravo, who shares duties such as marketing, filming, editing, photography and styling with Caprice.

“Our way help us to be fast finish with the scene and we have less expenses and no employees… so we can enjoy our private life also and we are independent. But yes this is just possible when you can do everything.”

Caprice, who has more than 2000 members on LCD, wants to continue producing for her OnlyFans and her official site with the same passion this year.

“I don’t want to change a thing at the moment,” she says. “I’m so happy to have this!”