Nicole Doshi Stars in Episode 2 of Seth Gamble’s ‘Goddess’

LOS ANGELES—Featuring an A-list cast including Nicole Doshi, Kenzie Taylor, Ivy Wolfe, Kenna James and Scarlit Scandal, director Seth Gamble’s Goddess takes viewers through the mists of time to a magical place where even the most decadent fantasies can become reality. The ambitious project’s latest scene, featuring Gamble and Doshi, is now streaming on

The new installment is titled “Episode 2 – NÜWA Goddess of Humanity.” Famously portrayed by Chinese actress Zhang Zilin in the Asian fantasy adventure The Monkey King: Havoc in Heaven’s Palace (released in the United States as The Monkey King: The Legend Begins with additional special effects and action scenes created in Hollywood), “Nüwa” is the major representation of the divine feminine in Chinese mythology, where she is portrayed creating human beings by hand before restoring the Pillar of Heaven.

“These characters and their myths come from specific places and eras: think Greek goddesses, the muses of Europe, and the underworld of Egypt,” Gamble the reigning AVN Malte Performer of the Year and four-time Best Actor winner, says of his latest creation. “Though the visuals vary in meaning and style, folklore, legends, and mythology can provide you with fantastic inspiration for the underpinnings of a scene.

“What I look for are the relatable feelings and emotions found in these iconic stories. No matter what country or culture or period they come from, the common emotions we all experience in our lives continue to make them relevant to us today. Images drawn from myth give you the underpinnings, and the underpinning is where the meaning is.”

Of Doshi, the filmmaker remarked, “I’m incredibly lucky to have Nicole in Goddess and couldn’t imagine doing this episode with anyone else. She’s charismatic, fiercely intelligent, and eager to keep learning and growing as an actress and a creator.”

Of the scene, Gamble revealed, “The character required someone who’s very self-confident and very visual and demonstrative as a performer. Most of us have at least a little bit of an exhibitionistic streak in us: This, like anything else in psychology, exists on a spectrum, and it is perfectly normal and healthy. She really tapped into that side of her persona for our scene. Our chemistry on screen is undeniable and this is by far one of my favorite visual scenes I’ve ever been in and shot. Nicole has great sexual energy and is a force to be reckoned with.”

“Working with Seth Gamble is a first class experience,” added Doshi. “I am so honored to be a part of Wicked’s Goddess. I love being able to express myself and dress up as a sexy Asian goddess. You are going to love it when Seth makes me orgasm multiple times.”