SINematica Releases Featurette ‘Life’s a Bitch’

DUBLIN—On the heels of its relaunch in association with Adult Empire Cash, the new presents featurette “Life’s a Bitch” starring Czech performer Billie Star, Oregon native Anna de Ville and French veteran Ian Scott.

Shot on the European Atlantic coast, the scene casts Star and de Ville as formerly close friends who used to surf together. Explains a company synopsis, “After a fallout, Billie meets Anna following her daily session. Shocked by seeing her at the spot after months not being there, Anna is not in the mood for anything, but finally gives up and gets pushed to be licked right on the beach before lashing out and leaving. Billie still suggests to stop by the house that Anna knows well from their past. Anna shows up at the villa while Billie is in the middle of pleasuring orally her boyfriend right on the deck at the pool. Anna gets in the mix and both parties take the rest inside the house for a torrid hard threesome.”

“Life is really a bitch! Catching sun on the French Atlantic coast, trying to surf and be with my buddies,” Star recalled. “Well, we had so much fun and laughters but it was also super if you know what I mean.”

“It was great to work with Billie, we only shot together once before, and I feel like we connected a lot more during this scene,” offered de Ville. “I have been working with Ian for years now, so it’s always great to work with him too. The story in the scene was fun to act out, I remember we had some good laughs on set, I can’t wait to see how the final product turns out. Maybe we will have a reunion and get to see where the story goes after this comes out, I hope so.”

“Life’s a Bitch” is available now at

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