Creator Platform Unfiltrd Partners With Déjà Vu

CYBERSPACE—Creator platform Unfiltrd announced Friday that it has secured a 40 percent investment deal from erotic entertainment brand Déjà Vu alongside Social Reach International.

Unfiltrd was founded in the summer of 2021 by viral reality TV star and content creator Stephanie Matto. In a short span of time, Unfiltrd grew to be a competitive platform offering unique and never-before-seen features such as digital and physical auctions, pay-per-minute voice and video calls, and private ticketed events. Unfiltrd has positioned itself as a crossover between a virtual event space and fan subscription platform creators a new way to branch out.

Déjà Vu is one the world’s largest and most recognizable adult brand, with clubs in California, Colorado, Indiana, Kentucky, Mexico, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Washington operating under its well-known name.

The two entities saw an opportunity to do something unique within the industry. Under the deal, Déjà Vu clubs will be able to offer their own personal brand of fan subscription platform. Déjà Vu and Social Reach International aim to add an extensive roster of new talent to the platform that will benefit both Unfiltrd and the clubs, and create a truly personalized experience for customers.

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