Silvia Saige Takes Lead of MYLF Feature ‘The Price of Perfect’

MIAMI—MYLF has dropped the first segment of its newest feature, The Price of Perfect, starring April MYLF of the Month Silvia Saige.

The new project follows past features such as Love Thy Neighbor and How We Fuck in the Shadows, and will follow the same strategy of being broken down into three parts across three of MYLF’s most popular series (MilftyFreeUse Milf and Anal Mom) before the full extended cut is released.

Available now on Milfty, “The Price of Perfect Part 1: Don’t Mess This Up” finds Saige playing a mother who wants everything to be perfect. She recently moved into a new neighborhood in the city of Mylfwood with her stepson, Nick Strokes, and wants to leave a good impression on the neighbors because she knows all eyes are on her. However, when she overhears Nick on the phone trying to plan a party at their house, she immediately shuts it down and lets him know that there can’t be any parties at their house until she’s been crowned as the neighborhood’s Mom of the Month, so her reputation is on the line.

Nick argues that she has to find a way to make it up to him for not throwing the party and starts getting touchy with his stepmom. She is taken back, but when he reminds her that his dad is never around to please her, she gives into her temptation and drags him to the kitchen where things get hot.

Part 2 of The Price of Perfect releases April 21 on FreeUse Milf.

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