Mariska Headlines New Dorcel Drama ‘Blow’

PARIS—International adult brand Dorcel today announced the domestic debut of Blow, director Herve Bodilis’ follow-up to his 2023 AVN Award winner (Best International Production) Revenge. Starring Mariska and Shalina Devine, the release is now available on DVD in the United States through Pulse Distribution.

In the movie, Mariska plays a renowned therapist specializing in couples’ issues. Elaborates a company synopsis, “Having reached a crossroads in her career, she’s decided to leave the city and set up her practice in an isolated villa in the south of France, where she can not only focus on herself but tend to her patients in an idyllic setting far from the hassles of their daily lives. Although this move has somewhat distanced Mariska from her closest friends, it’s also the perfect place to welcome couples for a therapeutic retreat. However, this weekend in the country promises to be different from any other and will have unexpected consequences on the couples’ lives.

“As the pastoral retreat progresses, each of the couples—James Duval and Shalina Devine, Carollina Cherry and Ricky Mancini, Tiffany Leiddi and Kristof Cale—realize they’ve never taken the time to get to know each other more intimately,” the synopsis continues. “As the weekend’s revelations come full circle, only one question remains—will Mariska’s wise advice help them put their love lives back in order?”

The movie’s five sex scenes emphasize three-ways in which Mariska frequently joins the couples.

“Because he’s so gifted with fast-paced action, location shooting, and Hollywood style set pieces, people tend to associate Herve Bodilis with big-budget adult features that riff on mainstream genres,” said Daniel Metcalf, Dorcel’s U.S. publicist. “And that’s an accurate observation. Revenge was not a porn parody, but it did give a ‘tip of the hat’ to movies like Ocean’s 8. Blow is entirely different—an intimate play on the themes of movies like The Man Who Loved Women—which, ironically, was a remake of an earlier French film. Blow is certain to please Bodilis’ fans while substantially raising Mariska’s profile in North America.”

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Pictured (l, r): Kristof Cale, Mariska